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Revell Model Kits

Just another modelling bump in the road. Though this does not effect what most of us do, we thought we would pass this along.

Since it was announced earlier this year that Hobbico, the owner of Revell and Revell Germany, was in bankruptcy modelers have been concerned for the fate of one of the world's oldest plastic model companies. This week it was announced that a German holding group, Revell AG had purchased Revell and Revell Germany thereby securing the future of the company.

What does this mean for you? First of all, everyone in the modeling community has issued a combined sigh of relief. You'll still be able to buy and build your favorite Revell kits. There may be a small delay in obtaining certain products during the transition but rest assured Hobby Models will do everything we can to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible.

As with any new venture, there will be bumps along the way but we're confident this is the best path for Revell


Shopping Cart Server Maintenance

The shopping cart will be offline
periodically for 2 - 6 hours starting around midnight on 
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 (CST).

Atlas Announces Items To Be Discontinued

HO Scale Item #/Description 
150-717     Interlocking Tower Kit
150-718     Branch Line Station Kit
150-730     Barb’s Bungalow Garage Kit
150-752     Sub-Station Kit
150-761     Produce Market Kit
150-762     Contemporary Diner Kit
150-763     Drive-Through Bank Kit
150-764     Car Wash Kit
150-780     Transformer Kit

N Scale Item #/Description 
150-2880        Kate’s Colonial Garage Kit
150-22070     100-Ton Roller Bearing Trucks with Rapido Couplers

HO & N Scale Item #/Description     
150-313           Universal Power Pack

O Scale Item #/Description
151-1000080   80 Watt Power Pack
151-66900*     Pre-Assembled Signal Tower
151-66902*     Pre-Assembled Station Platform
151-6905         Icing Platform Kit 
*Available in kits #6900, #6902

Retail Store Restock and Reset

Believe it or not, we are getting ready for Christmas!

New items are arriving daily, along with a  lot of back orders and restocks.

We are adding another 28 feet of displays that will contain the return of N scale products to the retail store. This section will feature Kato, Peco and Atlas Code 80 track along with Walthers and Kato structures. Rolling stock will return in the fall along with Kato starter train sets.

Also, we are expanding the HO rolling stock section just a bit as well as new scenery items. The O scale section will remain about the same size and still feature Lionel. O scale usually only sales in the fall and just after Christmas so we will not be expanding this section.

Also, we are receiving new HO scale loco's for the display case since most of this area has been selling well via our Inventory Reduction Sale! Check it out! There are some great deals as well as the Loco Blowout. Just put Loco Blow in the description field on the main search engine to view what is on sale!

So for the next 60 days or so the store will be in a bit of a mess while this is going on, but our priority will be your online orders as well as helping the customers that are returning to our retail store.

Sales and More Sales

Don't forget about the ongoing online sales:

Tax Refund monthly with over 3,500 discounted items. Sale ends 04/30/18

Deal Of The Day featuring Peco Items. Sale ends Monday 04/23/18 at 6am

WOW! What A Deal featuring all Lunde City Structures. Sale ends Saturday 04/28/18 6am

Deal Of The Week featuring Faller products. Sale ends 04/26/18 6am

Warehouse Sales. Great Deals from our suppliers warehouse. Sale ends Wednesday 05/02/18 6am

Weekly Sale. New Items added this week!


More Credit Card Fraud

As you all know we have had a lot of fraud attempts attempted at Blue Ridge Hobbies via our internet sales system and that 2 years ago, we put procedures in place to avoid these attempts. Most fraud is stopped  but there continues to be issues out there. Not any with attempts at Blue Ridge Hobbies but with other retailers as well.

For Blue Ridge Hobbies, any fraud that is not recovered costs a lot of money. For example a $100 fraud takes about $2,000 in good sales to recover that $100. Our profit margins are very very low, so it takes a lot to recover from these thieves. 

We have recovered all of the funds from the recent fraud attempts directly from the perpetrators. But we had to threaten one with the police and every made a police report on that matter before he got us our money back!

We had another fraud attempt last week that we have stopped. So the games continue it seems.

Last year Broadway Limited put out a fraud alert about a group that had hit them repeatedly. Blue Ridge Hobbies go hit by that same group once, but they tried 15 other times. Recently Walthers put out a fraud alert and this week Lionel has done the same:

From Lionel:
 "Good Morning, we wanted to send out another note on this, as the guy scamming dealers is still out there.  He continues to hit dealers in various areas from NC to MI. Please be careful of anyone that wants to send Fed Ex or any other carrier for same day pickup.

He is going by several names such as Jerry Wilson,  Robert Carson, Jerry West, JW and there are probably more.

He does not always go for the big ticket items.  He recently contacted a store looking for a large order of track. He also does not always ask for Lionel products.  Sometimes he asks for other manufacturers items.

If a call seems sketchy, tell the caller you do not have Fed Ex pickup or that you will need to call him back, and if it is a scam he will most likely hang up.

Please contact the police if you get a call from this guy.  Hopefully he will be caught soon!


One of my previous jobs was as a Collection Manager for Barclays Bank and one of my duties was credit card fraud. So I am well versed in how to handle these situations and who to contact within the Secret Service and the FBI and the USPS for interstate credit card fraud, wire fraud and postal fraud. When an attempt occurs, we do not play games!

So far we have not had to raise prices but that time may come soon if the attempts continue.


Very Profitable 2017!

As you all know from our News and Updates from the past, BRH has had steady increases in sales over the last couple of years despite the lack of product availability. Well it turns our the our net income was up a whopping 66% over 2016! So, that is great news!

New Search Engine And Shopping Cart

I have been developing our new search engine that is much much faster and easier to use as well as a new shopping cart. BETA testing will begin soon and I will be asking our Track Crew Members to help test the new system for a couple of weeks! One that is great about this is that it is our search engine and shopping cart that we created and customized and can change as needed to make it better!

Retail Store Restock and Reset

Christmas time is coming and new product is coming  in with just 8 months to go before the holiday. So we are resetting the store as time permits and we are adding new products as well as enlarging (just a bit) our O Scale section and re adding N scale back into the store. This will include track from Peco, Kato and Atlas with structures from Walthers and Woodland Scenics as well.

What's Up With Grand Central Gems and others!

Communication from the manufacturers and wholesalers remains and issue.
We still have not heard a peep from Grand Central Gems.

Just to clarify, we will not be updating images any longer for MTH-Railking  and may drop that line of products as we move forward. This manufacturer is a non seller for us mostly because they do not have very much product to sell.

On another, more positive note, we are getting great communication from Kathy and Gary at Bowser / Stewart Hobbies and excellent response time from Doug at Bachmann who responded to my email within 30 minutes!

New Shipping Schedules

I have had to adjust our shipping schedules just a bit due to increased volume with the shipping carriers routes. USPS now is arriving at BRH between noon and 1pm (used to be around 10:30am) and Fedex Freight now arrives at from 10:30 to 11:30am (used to be 9 to 9:30am) and the regular Fedex Ground route driver arrives between 1pm and 3pm (on Thursday he arrived at 4:30pm!).

So, with this,  order will take a bit longer to ship to you all by about a day. This is because we have to check in the deliveries, sort for shipping, repack and ship and then have the respective shipping carriers return  to pickup the orders for shipment to you. 

We have been on the new schedule for about two weeks and it seems to be working fine, but we are also seeing increased retail store traffic as well. Right now it is still myself with some help from John on Wednesday mornings.

Please check the store policy page for the updated shipping schedule.

New Walthers Name Train

Look for the next WalthersProto Name Train announcement on April 17th. As with all Name Trains, this one will be in high demand, so be ready to place your orders quickly to avoid missing out!

Upcoming Preorder Deadlines

April 18: Atlas Preorders
April 27: Atlas Preorders
April 30: Wheels of Time Preorders
April 30: Bowser Preorders
April 30: Intermountain Preorders
April 30: Rapido Preorders
April 30: Trainworx Preorders
April 30: Walthers Preorders

Bowser HO & N Arrivals

You will love the newest arrivals from Bowser! HO new products include Alco C636 diesels, ready-to-run PRR N8 Cabooses, X32 Boxcars and 100-Ton 3-Bay Hoppers. New N Scale models include new schemes and road numbers on the popular Airslide Covered Hoppers. These new releases are moving fast and some road names
and road numbers are already sold out. Don't miss out - order now!

New Book from White River is a Great Northern Modeler Must-Have

The Great Northern by noted rail historian Richard Yaremko covers GN's fascinating history with a concentration on the transition era. Loaded with plenty of photos and fascinating text this must- have book for GN fans and modelers is selling fast. Order now to before it is sold out!

Five New Titles from Morning Sun Books Now Shipping

Books are great for modelers looking for photographic reference  aterial and for railfans who want to learn about railroading "back in the day" These books sell sell out fast and some are already in short supply, so get yours now!

Order All-New Atlas Trainman N Scale 60' Heavyweight Passenger Cars Now

Newly tooled N Scale 60' heavyweight passenger cars and sets are rolling through fast! Based on prototypes constructed for several railroads these all-new models feature interiors in the passenger-hauling cars, fine decoration, free-rolling trucks and AccuMate knuckle couplers. These detailed cars are perfect for
those of you who operate on sharp curves or who have small steam-era layouts. Make sure to order extra combines, RPOs and baggage cars since many railroads also ran these on secondary passenger runs.
They're in stock now but are already in short supply, so get them running on your layouts now!


Rumor Mill!

We have heard through the grapevine from a reliable source the Walthers Shinohara Code 83 will be in short supply soon. It seems Mr. Shinohara is in poor health and will be shutting done operations soon. The includes all Shinohara product! We understand that Walthers would like to take over production of the track due to its popularity, however nothing has been finalized.

Our suggestion would be to purchase all the available in stock supplies now to ensure you get the product you want.

Note to Peco, this is time time to add some the curved turnouts and crossovers that Walthers Code 83 Shinohara offered.

Bye Bye MTH-Railking

Very soon BRH will stop offering MTH-Railking products for sale via our website. The simple fact of the matter is that they have a lot of products announced but produce very very few items that actually can be sold. Also, they have very poor customer service.

The database of MTH products takes a lot to keep up with for virtually no sales due to the lack of product available.

So, soon, we will be eliminating thier items from our database off offerings. This is have minimal effect on over all sales for us since we do not see hardly anyone ordering MTH products via our website.


Happy Website Anniversary!

Thanks to everyone over the last 13 years that have supported the Blue Ridge Hobbies website.

We have strived to offer great prices along with great service.

We had our issues with the our website over the years, we continually have tried to make it as easy site to use which has been a challenge. We are working on getting a new search engine and database along with a new shopping cart done ASAP.

As you know manufacturing issue have been around since 2011 with no end in sight. Even with these issues, while the others continue to go out of business both on line and with their brick and mortar stores, Blue Ridge Hobbies sales remain strong!

For example, 1st quarter sales for 2018 where up 31% over  1st quarter 2017 and the best 1st quarter since 2013!
So again the trend is good.

This week we have our yearly website anniversary sale for one week only. So take advantage of the lower prices on all in stock items!



Since we have had a couple of complaints regarding the cost of shipping we wanted to review the following:


Per store policy as indicated on the store policy page which you have to agreed to when processing your order, Blue Ridge Hobbies does not quote shipping rates prior to shipping due to many factors including but not limited to product available to ship in any one order, size of packaging and number of boxes to ship. We ship via the lowest cost available based on your answer to the shopping cart question regarding shipping. The cost of shipping, insurance and if required due to type of product shipped or first time customer, is a pass through cost with no mark up at all. We use the USPS and Fedex Ground for our shipping and the cost of that shipping is based on the rate tables of the carrier at the time the order is packaged and shipped. The shipping price comparison is noted on your receipt. We can not call you to give you the cost of shipping.


Per store policy as indicated on the store policy page which have advised you have read and agreed to, at the bottom of every web page and at the top of your shopping cart and at the top of the shopping cart credit card page, orders less than $50.00 are charged a $3.00 processing fee. This cover all shipped orders and orders pickup up at the store.

The reason for this is that credit card fees and processing are high we have to enforce this policy. This not a new policy, the minimum order amount has been increased from $25.00 back in July 2013 and updated to reflect new credit card processing requirements and PCI compliance.


Another Great Month At BRH

I know I have been whining a lot about the state of our great hobby, but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of current modelers, new models and those recreational modelers that continue to stream into the retail store everyday. So that is great. This is one of the reason I have adjusted the retail store and phone hours. I will look at what will  occur over the next 30 days and I may add yet another day to our weekday schedule!

Overall sales for March where again up! In fact up 22% over 2017 same month sales and the best March since 2011 when the manufacturing issues started.

New customers are up 32%, repeat customers up 264%, receipt totals up 48%, average receipt total up 3% and total items per sale up 5%. So the trends have been good as we get into the slower season for the next 3 months.

While I think that most of you are happy with our prices and how I do things and have set policies based on people trying to take advantage of us,  at BRH we try to  keep your over all order cost low and give you the best overall customer service we can. I  have had several recent new customers that have had issues. These issues revolve around product availability and cost of shipping. Negative online reviews have been given and one complaint filed with the BBB.

The BBB complaint was about the delay in receiving a pre ordered item listed as unknown availability date in November 2017. The customer was  blaming BRH for the delay in the customer receiving the item. While this overall had really no negative effect on the BBB rating, it was more about the time and documentation to explain the situation to the BBB and yet again to the customer. We explained the delay verbally two weeks before the BBB complaint was filed.

Now I am fighting with the BBB over the rating drop from A+ to A not because of the latest complaint but because we do not want to pay to become accredited or update our profile which was done within the last two years. Nothing has changed in the profile. So, to get an A+ rating they are extorting either money or information from the business. They did the same thing two years ago to us and continue to do this exact same thing to other businesses around the USA and Canada! We will stand for this!

If this type of abuse continues from both customers and the BBB, I will close the web store and the retail store. I just do not have the time to deal with people who do not understand or are just advantage!

Grand  Central Gems

Those that have been following our email about the lack or customer service with in the model railroad hobby please take note. It has been over a month now and we still have not heard back from Grand Central Gems after numerous emails and calls to there contact info!

Please remember that BRH customer is directly relates to the customer service we receive from our suppliers!

InterMountain Railway

I had a conversation with IMR this week and it looks like they may be making some changes to new product announcement. It seems that the waiting years to build up enough order to produce items, they may announce products and if the run announcement does not produce enough pre orders, the within 90 to 120 days of the run announcement if the run profitability threshold is not met, the run will be canceled!

Also, steam era box car runs are not selling as well currently. So there will be less and less offerings of new product according to our source.

Of course, none of this is official, just part of a conversation
 I had with IMR about the long long wait times for product!

Shipping Costs

Just a reminder, especially to our newer customers. Shipping cost are a pass through cost to you. This means that whatever the cost of shipping to us is the cost of shipping  and insurance to you. There are no markups.

If you do not like the cost of shipping, please contact the Post Master General in Washington, DC.

The same holds true with Fedex Ground pricing.

Packages sizes and weight and ship to location deeply effect the pricing of shipping.
We do not create the rate tables. The USPS and Fedex do!

Keep in mind what you are ordering. For example flex track and a Walthers model kit usually have to ship in two separate boxes. One box for the track and one for the model kit!

John and I do our best to consolidate shipping into the most cost effective and least number of packages to save you shipping costs. So always pick the CHEAPEST shipping option on the shopping cart form so we can shop the shipping for you and get you the lowest price. If you pick USPS for example and Fedex is cheaper, you will not be notified! You will have to pay the higher price based on how you dictate your shipping preference to us.

We sometimes are processing shipping very early in the morning at times. So we can not call you to discuss the cost of shipping. Western US customers take note. We are shipping across the country to you and there is a high cost to do that in some cases. Again, we will get you the lowest cost of shipping based on the rate table that are supplied to us. We can do  no better. The shipping cost is the shipping cost!

Shipping Costs And Comparisons Are Noted On Your Sales Receipt For You To See

New WalthersMainline HO and Cornerstone HO Tooling

Preorder by April 30th and save an extra 10% on exciting newly tooled HO cars and kits! This month we've announced the all-new 85' General American G85 Flatcar in its multiple variations. We've also announced great new schemes and road numbers on the popular 40' AAR 1944 Boxcar. The newly tooled Cornerstone 
American Bungalow kit is a model of homes built by the thousands in the 1900s and still in widespread use today. All of these new models will be popular, so order now!

HO Jeeps and Rovers and Porsches Oh My!

The latest vehicle arrivals from Brekina include many, many worldwide favorites including quick-selling Jeep Wagoneers, Land Rovers, Dodge Pickups, VW Vans, Porsches and more. You will love these foreground-quality models because they can add a timestamp to their scenes and they're highly detailed with appropriate 
decoration, interior seats and wheels that roll. If you're not familiar with Brekina vehicles, take a look at these snew arrivals and order now before they're sold out!

Con-Cor HO 45' Containers Now Shipping

Containers for loading intermodal trains are must-haves for many HO modelers and the latest arrivals from Con-Cor. New schemes for the 45' Euro-International Standard Corrugated Container two-packs include popular shipping lines 
such as Tropical, Matson, Hapag-Lloyd and more. There are four container numbers per scheme (two in each two-pack), so make sure to order both sets of each.

O Scale Sales with New Woodland Scenics Lighted Vehicles 

Perfect for any O Scale railroad new Just Plug(R) vehicles will add interest to layout street scenes. A dozen new 1940s to 1960s vehicles are great for transition and early-diesel-era scenes. Each features working lights that bring 
streets to life. They're designed for plug-and-play use with the Woodland Scenics Just Plug lighting system. They're sure to be popular with scale and three-rail O gaugers, so order now!




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