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New Search Engine And Shopping Cart

Is up and running!

The old search engine and shopping cart that we have used for the past 13 years is gone. So, right now
you will not be able to track the status of an order. Sorry!


New Search Engine And Shopping

The new search engine and shopping cart are about ready to go live. Hopefully by Monday 07/16/18!
We have to load all of the images available for all 130,000 products and make some updates to the BRH site as well.

Thanks to all of you that we asked to help test the new search and cart it was greatly appreciated.

The new system is bond to have some bugs  that we will have to work through, so be patient. For a short period the old search and cart will still be live and available to use. But within the next 30 days or so, the old cart will go away!

Miniature World of Trains

This past week I had meetings with two of the corporations that will working with us on the projects special effects. Some of the effects have never before been seen in North America on a model railroad. As we get further along we can announce the corporate special partners.

Though delayed, I will have the first draft of the  'shell' building plans for the preferred location this Monday
I will share that with you all as time permits

I still need volunteer help to move the project forward. Though this time around I will be hiring some world renowned museum display builders, help is still needed,  so please go to website and join the volunteers from around the world!

Christmas In July

Don't forget the Santa is on vacation just a mere 6 months before Christmas so has decided to put the entire
in stock database on sale to make room for new arrivals coming in for the Christmas Holiday.

Check out the sale by clicking on Santa above!

Upcoming Pre Order Deadlines

July 24: Atlas Preorders
July 31: Intermountain Preorders
August 31: Walthers Preorders

Order Walthers 2019 Reference Book now!

A must-have for your libraries or workbenches, the Walthers 2019 HO, N & Z Reference Book brings you  all the
great content you demand. The 2019 Reference Book is packed with hundreds of pages of product information and photos, plus plenty of inspiration in the Magic of Model Railroading gallery photos. Last years sold out in December so reserve yours now to ensure delivery as soon as they're available in late September.

Item Number is 913-0219p
MSRP $17.98
BRH PRICE $15.98

New HO Arrivals from Brekina Include Fast-Selling Jeeps

The latest arrivals from Brekina include the new Jeep Universal is the open-top Jeep we've
seen in use since the 1950s and the Jeep Wagoneer is the popular SUV from the late 1960s - both are must-haves for diesel-era layouts. Other arrivals include new VW vans and several international models. These are highly detailed,
layout-ready vehicles. All are in short supply, so don't miss out!

New Faller HO & N Kits Now Shipping

Easy-to-build Faller kits are perfect for those of you looking for detailed buildings for your. Models come molded in
appropriate colors and many include German signs. Most are easily Americanized simply by changing signs  Check out the selection and order now -these usually sell out fast!


June Sales

I know I have reporting that there is a lack of product to sell to you all, but despite that, BRH had another great sales month. In fact, the best June since 2014!

2018 vs 2014 up 9% and 2018 vs 2017 up  31.6%. So, again the trend is good. Retail store sales are up as well and there are lot's of new customers wandering in as well!

New Customers Up 26% and Returning Customers Up 220% year over year.

Vacation and Meeting Schedules

I know I have been out several times in May and June on a combination of both personal and business related trips that slowed down the shipping of orders a bit, so my apologies.  For the rest of July until mid October no down time is scheduled so the retail store and shipping should be running on the normal schedule and the retail store will open per the schedule for Wednesday through Friday until November when I extend the store hours and days BRH is open.

Retail Restock And Changes

I am still resetting and restocking the retail store. The new N scale section is coming along but will take some time to completely complete. So N scalers, please be patient. 

The priority however are the shippable online orders and the in store customers but the whole procedure is coming along nicely.

New Search Engine And Shopping Cart

Work on the new search engine an shopping cart are coming along but are behind about two weeks at this point.

Hopefully by the middle of next week we can begin testing with the Track Crew Members first.

Miniature World of Trains

Each day the reopening of the Miniature World of Trainsis getting closer and closer.
I will have the preliminary building plans next week and on Monday I have a meeting with the technical team that will be helping in the designing some of the new, never before seen effects for the new MWOT. They are over the top and you all will have never experienced what is coming!

While we still can not officially release the location of the project, currently the land where we intend to build the new 30,000sf Phase I of MWOT is being cleared for construction. This is the view of the 125 vehicle parking lot area for the $3.500,000 Phase I.

As more information can be shared, I will pass it along!

Visit for daily updates

I will need help building the project and I will be initially looking for volunteers
from around the world to help move this along. Join the volunteer team at:

Miniature World Of Trains™ Trade name And Ownership

It has come to my attention that there are entities within the model railroad community that are using the business name Miniature World of Trains™ and MWOT™ on the internet. These names are trademark names and website owned by Frank Ruby and registered on 04/22/2010 for the purposes of creating a model railroad
museum / attraction. 

Any unauthorized use of these names or any variation of these names is strictly prohibited without my written consent.

For those of you fraudulently using these names or any variation of these name currently, you must cease and desist the use of this names immediately.

I am giving you fair warning in a open forum to allow you the opportunity to end the use of these names immediately without further action against you or your organization!  

Pre Order Due Dates

July 13: Bowser Preorders
July 24: Atlas Preorders
July 31: Intermountain Preorders
August 31: Walthers Preorders

Order Walthers 2019 Reference Book now!

A must-have for your customers' library or workbench, the Walthers 2019 HO, N & Z Reference Book brings modelers all the great content they demand. The 2019 Reference Book is packed with hundreds of pages of product information and photos, plus plenty of inspiration in the Magic of Model Railroading gallery photos,
a free sign sheet for their layouts and great content for new modelers as well as seasoned pros. Reserve yours now to ensure delivery as soon as they're available in late September!

MSRP $17.98 BRH PRICE $15.98
Item number is

New N Scale Hoppers from Bluford Shops Offer Modelers Variety

New road names for four of Bluford Shops' N Scale hopper styles are now rolling through the warehouse. Two-bay hoppers include the USRA 30'6", Offset and Eight-panel varieties and the three- bay car is a 70-Ton 14-Panel Hopper. All Bluford Shops hoppers  have features including loads, applied brake details, end air hoses, body-mounted magnetic knuckle couplers and Fox Valley Models metal wheels. Cars feature accurate detailing including ACI labels where appropriate and come in as many as six road numbers per road name. Get these fast-selling hoppers on your layouts now!

Build Sales with Two New Titles/Selling Tools from Kalmbach

Kalmbach how-to hooks are great tools for every modeler and the latest titles are no exception. Produce Traffic &
Trains by noted author and former Model Railroader Magazine associate editor , Jeff Wilson, discusses the trains, equipment and history of moving produce by rail. From the 1890s through the 1960s, all types of fruits and vegetables were transported by rail to markets across the U.S. Use this book to generate kit,
vehicle and refrigerator car sales. Wiring Projects for your Model Railroad takes the mystery out of wiring accessories and devices on model railroads. This book is great for modelers of all skill levels.
With the fall modeling and school project season only a couple of
months away order now to have these books on hand for summertime reading!


Supreme Court Ruling Online Sales Tax Collection

As of this week the US Supreme Court has opened the door that will allow states to collect sales tax on all online purchases from one state to another. Nothing is in place at this point and the only sales tax we collect is for orders being shipped to a South Carolina address. There is a fixed sales tax amount for most of the state but we have to collected high tax rates for Spartanburg and Charleston at this point. For a small one more operation, this is a cumbersome task even at this point since we do ship a lot to those locations.

For small online operations like BRH and most online hobby stores will most likely have issues with this. At this point there is no software available that we are aware of that will make this easier to deal with. Since we ship to every state this could mean that every quarter we would need to send  out checks to each state, maybe even counties and cities. A daunting task for this small operation. This could mean at minimum an additional 50 checks each quarter to each state adding additional cost of operation the business to be higher.

Not sure how this is all going to work out so we will keep you all posted.

July 4th approaches

When ordering over the next two weeks please keep in mind the BRH holiday schedule.

The week of  06/25/18 BRH shipping and phones will only be open on 06/27 Wednesday and 06/29 Thursday. We will be closed on Friday 06/29 and the following week for July 4th.  Back in full operation Thursday July 5th. So order accordingly if you need something for the pre July 4th holiday weekend, please have your order placed no later than Monday 06/25 by 6am. Orders after that will not ship to you until Thursday 07/05 due to our scheduled days off and the Fedex and USPS shipping schedules and their days off July 4th week.

Walthers N Scale Sold To Atlas

Atlas Model Railroad Company, Inc., and Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. have reached an agreement under which Atlas will purchase all N Scale locomotive and rolling stock tooling owned by Walthers, including the Walthers N tooling as well as former Life-Like tooling. Atlas will incorporate this tooling into its Atlas Master, Atlas Classic, and Trainman N Scale lines. Walthers will continue to offer N Scale items in its Cornerstone, SceneMaster(TM), and Walthers Controls brands, including new items as well as items currently in those lines.

New Walthers Monthly Sale

The current monthly sale for July extends all the way through August as well. We have not received any reason as to way this is occurring. The new sale ends at the beginning of September.

This maybe due to the lack of product availability that continues to plague the model railroad industry.
If we find out more info we will pass it along!

Check out the sale items by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

BRH Sales and Retail Store Status

I am still in the process of resetting and restocking the retail store. This is a time consuming process bu should be finished in July.

Overall online and store sales are up at this point in the month. So far this is the best June since 2014 even with the lack of product availability.

Price Increases 1 Week Away!

Don't forget to get your Woodland Scenics and Tomar orders in before the July 1st price increases they have announced!

Product Delivery Delays From Manufacturers

We just heard from one of our manufacturers about production delays and they advised me that the factory has been experiencing tremendous difficulties the last 10 months so everything has been pushed back (for us and all the other manufacturers they produce for).  To assign a date became so unrealistic that we stopped the process.  In looking at your List, I do not see anything that is arriving in the next couple of months.

Sorry I can't be of more help but we simply don't know ourselves.  Until they get caught up and provide us some idea of a production schedule we just don't know.

And so it goes!




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