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New Search Engine & Shopping Cart

The new search engine and shopping cart are about 99% complete. There are still some cosmetic changes the will have to be done and those will happen over time. 

New feature that has been added to the search is the ability to search for only in stock items. 
The shopping cart reverts back to the old Cart32 systems we had used for 14 years since the developer we hired and have since fired, could not get the job done in developing a version of the Cart32 shopping cart.

You can also search for order status and shopping cart again from our home page links. Orders beginning with 18 are not accessible as this was the no longer in exsistance shopping cart. 

Hurricane Micahel Moving In Overnight

Over night 10/11 Hurricane Michael will be moving into our area with 40mph sustained winds and up to 3" of rain. We are hoping that this will not affect the arrival of the Thursday morning and Friday morning orders. But rest assured, all orders that we receive from the wholesalers and manufacturers will be processed before we leave on Friday 10/12!



Retail Store Anniversary Sale

Don't forget the 14th Anniversary Sale for our Retail Store starts Thursday Oct 4th
and runs until Tuesday Oct 9th.

Join our email to receive the 10% off coupon to help celebrate. Coupon is only available online
and must be presented at time of checkout!


Walthers 2019 HO-N-Z Reference Book

It looks like the book will not ship to us now until around October 15th according to an update I received on Friday 09/28/18. So, as of this email the Reference Book will not ship until after I return from my fall vacation.
Sorry for the delay, but it is beyond my control.

Lionel Christmas Items Have Arrived!

Well, as I have stated in many many updates, product availability and missed due date for advance reservations continue to happen! Lionel is just another one of the repeat offendenders!

Case in point.

We just received our 2017, yes 2017, Christmas order! 10 months late!

So, one can only guess when the 2018 Christmas items and restocks of some the staples will arrive?

Upcoming Preorder Deadlines

October 15: Rapido Preorders


New Search Engine And Shopping Cart

I continue to make improvements to the search engine to help you find products and the lowest prices available along with an updated shopping cart which is a new version of our older shopping cart!

Version 2.0 will go live by the end of the week!

Retail Store Anniversary Sale

Don't the Retail Store Anniversary Sale starts on Thursday Oct 4th and runs until Tuesday Oct 9th.

Join our email to receive the 10% OFF coupon for this sale!

News From Intermountain


Last month we notified you that the manufacturer we have been working with for several years had ceased operations and would no longer be supplying finished product to us or any of the several other companies doing business with them. At the same time we said that it was our full intention to move forward, establish new suppliers, and continue the production of new items as soon as possible.

We are pleased to tell you that we have selected and qualified new suppliers and have issued purchase orders for our initial production runs. Key InterMountain team members will be on site in the new factories in China during the week of September 24 to review assembly samples of initial projects, coordinate their production, establish quality standards, and put shipping arrangements in place.

I hope soon to be able to give you more concrete information about the order in which projects will be completed and specific scheduling information. In the meantime, in order to have stock on hand as we come into the heart of the modeling season, please review and take advantage of the in-stock list available on our website. We have a large stock of inventory on hand that will be of value during this interim period.

Frank Angstead
InterMountain Railway Company

Current Sales Now Running Online At BRH

Oktoberfest- 2,500 Items On Sale Save Up  To 95% Off MSRP - Sale Ends 09/30/18

Deal of the Day - All In Stock Kato on sale until Monday 10/01/18

What A Deal - All in stock Lunde Structures on sale until Thursday 6am

Deal of the Week - All in stock Preiser on sale until Saturday 6am

Walters Weekly Sale New Items Have Been Added



Hurricane Update

Luckily, the storm passed us by, but not by much. So we are on track with orders and shipping at this point!

Retail Store Sale

At the beginning of October, BRH will celebrate the retail stores 11 Anniversary with a
BIG sale in store with the entire on sale! You will need to bring the email coupon along with you to receive the discounts! So, join the email to get the coupon!

New Retail Store Hours

New retail store hours start Saturday October 6th and will now include Tuesdays and Saturdays!

Saturday 9am to 12pm
10am-2:00pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Sunday and Monday  Closed

Upcoming Preorder Deadlines

September 30: Intermountain Preorders
September 30: Walthers Preorders

New N Scale EMD SD9 with Sound and DCC from Bachmann Now Shipping

The all-new Bachmann Sound Value EMD SD9 with ESU sound and DCC captures the burly looks of the prototype. With its six axles providing a smoother ride, the EMD SD9 diesel proved popular with a variety of railroads. Manufactured in the late 1950s, some are still running today on shortlines and tourist lines. This Sound Value locomotive comes with the Econami(TM) SoundTraxx(R) DCC sound decoder. Available in five schemes this newly tooled diesel
will be a hit!


New Scenery Supplies from Noch

Modelers love the variety of scenes they can build and detail with Noch materials and figures. New trees, water-making products and HO and N Scale figures are now in stock.



August Sales

BRH retail store and online sales where strong in August 2018 up 29% over August 2017 and up 23% for 2018 vs 2017 year to date sales! Best overall August since 2013!

We had a 13% increase for new customers, 187% returning customers and 32%  increase in average sales! So despite the lack of product, we are selling a lot of what is available and September is starting off strong as we move into model railroad season!

Upcoming Preorder Deadlines

September 17: Rapido Preorders
September 30: Intermountain Preorders
September 30: Walthers Preorders

No Response From Manufacturers

Customer service issues are still a problem with some manufactures. Let me tell you the latest.

Many of you want BRH to start selling Athearn again and we have been trying to get someone from Athearn's parent company, Horizon Hobby, to contact us. We have tried emailing and calling and have had absolutely no response from them at all.

I have been trying to get the owner of Digitrax, Zana Ireland, to accept my calls for 3 years now. She has not responded to emails or a certified letter we sent in 2015. The reason we need to speak with her is that the current dealer sales rep has lied to me numerous times. When I was running the Miniature World of Trains BETA test I would need to be at that location. When the current sales rep claims he tried to contact me at the retail store, he never called during the operating hours. He never left a message or sent an email or even a letter. So, he closed the BRH account in November 2014. When I found out I tried to have then reopen the account, however, I did not want to work with that sales person. I made numerous attempts to get Zana on the phone back then, sent numerous emails and sent a letter. The staff their will not even allow me or anyone, they claim,  to leave a message on her line. That was in 2015. I have tried again in 2018 as well and I am getting the same response! No response!

About two months ago Micro Mark contacted me about selling their product which we will do. However, we needed to be able to upload their database. They where going to let me know if they can forward their database in a format that would be usable to add to our database of products.  It has been 3 months and we have received nothing.

I am doing everything I can to get as much product as I can for you all to purchase. The lack of response from companies like these is not acceptable!

On a positive note, the following companies have excellent customer service. Walthers, Peco, Bachmann, Kato, Atlas, TCS, Miller Engineering, Chooch, Accurail, LGB, Marklin, RRCircuits, Summit USA, Lionel and MRC. So let's support these excellent business when you can.

Current Sales Now Running Online At BRH

Back To School II - 2,500 Items On Sale Save Up  To 92% Off MSRP - Sale Ends 09/18/18

Deal of the Day - NEXT SALE STARTS 09/10/18

What A Deal - All in stock Woodland Scenics on sale until Thursday 6am

Deal of the Week - All in stock Noch on sale until Saturday 6am

Walters Weekly Sale New Items Have Been Added

New WalthersMainline HO Arrivals Include New Budd Dome-Coach!

The Budd Dome - Coach has all the features modelers love about WalthersMainline cars including their ability to run on sharp 18" radius curves and a popular price point. Other new WalthersMainline arrivals
include new road names and road numbers on the 40' AAR 1944 Boxcar and the International Bay Window Caboose. These cars have already been big sellers and we still have some left, so order now!

Newest Con-Cor HO First Responder Commemorative Cars Moving Fast

Con-Cor is producing a new run of 40' HO Scale and 50' N Scale plug door boxcars commemorating police and fire first responders. The ready-to-run cars feature appropriate graphics on a white car with car roof and ends painted to complement the graphics; they're equipped with magnetic knuckle couplers. The new Police First Responder and Fire First Responder cars are now available; cars will also be available with a piece of display track soon.
Don't forget to preorder your 2018 Christmas cars too!

Kato N Scale City of Los Angeles and EMD E9s with DCC Arrive

The 2018 reissue of the popular UP City of Los Angeles streamliner and matching EMD E9s has arrived and like the
prototype, is moving fast! The new release features new car names and road numbers so your customers can add the train to their UP City Streamliner fleet without duplication. The Dome-Lounge - Observation is based on the unmodified car and includes the unique lighted rear signboard. To pull the train a new release of
EMD E9s wearing the familiar nose "wings" logo are now available with a factory-installed TCS DCC decoder. The UP E units and passenger sets are extremely fast sellers and some of these models are already in short supply (a restock of the passenger sets is expected shortly), so order now!

Now In Stock: New HO, N & O Woodland Scenics Rustic Water Tower

The latest in the line of Woodland Scenics Built-&-Ready(R) Landmark Structures is the Rustic Water Tower. Based on a typical steel structure that's a key component of any town's water system, water towers are landmarks because they're often  emblazoned with the city name, school team names and other graphics. Businesses have them too. This assembled and weathered model includes a small pump house and comes with graffiti on its
silver tank. This is a model every steam and diesel-era layout can use, so order now!




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