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Supreme Court Ruling Online Sales Tax Collection

As of this week the US Supreme Court has opened the door that will allow states to collect sales tax on all online purchases from one state to another. Nothing is in place at this point and the only sales tax we collect is for orders being shipped to a South Carolina address. There is a fixed sales tax amount for most of the state but we have to collected high tax rates for Spartanburg and Charleston at this point. For a small one more operation, this is a cumbersome task even at this point since we do ship a lot to those locations.

For small online operations like BRH and most online hobby stores will most likely have issues with this. At this point there is no software available that we are aware of that will make this easier to deal with. Since we ship to every state this could mean that every quarter we would need to send  out checks to each state, maybe even counties and cities. A daunting task for this small operation. This could mean at minimum an additional 50 checks each quarter to each state adding additional cost of operation the business to be higher.

Not sure how this is all going to work out so we will keep you all posted.

July 4th approaches

When ordering over the next two weeks please keep in mind the BRH holiday schedule.

The week of  06/25/18 BRH shipping and phones will only be open on 06/27 Wednesday and 06/29 Thursday. We will be closed on Friday 06/29 and the following week for July 4th.  Back in full operation Thursday July 5th. So order accordingly if you need something for the pre July 4th holiday weekend, please have your order placed no later than Monday 06/25 by 6am. Orders after that will not ship to you until Thursday 07/05 due to our scheduled days off and the Fedex and USPS shipping schedules and their days off July 4th week.




I will be gone both Wednesday 06/20 and Thursday 06/21 to attend advertising and marketing meetings in Orlando but this should not impact order processing time.

New Search Engine And Shopping Cart

We should begin testing of the new search engine and shopping cart within 2 weeks!

For those our you frustrated by our current Microsoft based search engine I understand. However, over the last 13 years we have searched and searched in our very limited free time, viable online and out of the box solutions. So, I designed the new system that should be very very easy to use, providing you have input good information. It will still be based on the Walthers.com (our main wholesaler) but will allow you to search by alternate item or part numbers.

For example Atlas Code 83 flex track is item number 150-500 but some other wholesalers and some of our competition list this item as ATL-500. The new search will access the same item no matter which item number you use!

Miniature World Of Trains

Things continue to move forward on the land purchase for the new, permanent Miniature World Of Trains location. The location has some infrastructure issues but we are working through them. We have confirmed so far the availability of electricity at the location. Internet is not available but can be added at a very high cost. I am working on the options for phone and internet. Still awaiting confirmation of gas, water and sewer availability as well but I should have this info within the next two weeks.

Phase I rough draft of the proposed building for MWOT
(TM) is been submitted as well. The first phase display area is about 10,000sf as currently envisioned! Plus retail and another the new Christmas Model Train Display(TM).

More information at: www.MiniatureWorldOfTrains.com


Missed last weeks  update since I have been revamping the retail store so my apologies.

Miniature World  of Trains

One of the other reason's there was no update last week is the fact I have been working on the reboot of the www.MiniatureWorldofTrains.com website as well as working on the purchase of the land for the new location. We have been spending a lot of time working with SCDOT about the revamping of an intersection at the entrance to the property as well as the internet service provider for the location.

I still cannot divulge the location at this time but you all will be some of the first people to know where the deal is completed for the location! I think you will all like it!

These things take time but currently it is slow time of year at BRH so we get as much done as possible.

Remember, I am putting together a new team of volunteers from around the world to help build models for PHASE I of the museum / attraction. So, if you are interested in helping in any capacity please to to our the website
and volunteer. There is a link on the home page!

BRH Sales For May

Sales for May 2018 vs 2017 where dead even. The problem is lack of product availability as we have discussed over the last couple of updates. But my understanding is that there is a lot of product 'on the water' as the manufacturers like to say. So look for more and more items to stand to become back in stock. So, think ahead for the fall and winter building season as I do not think there will be an overwhelming amount of availability for some of the staples!

Pre order if an item is an advance reservation or a back order and get 'ahead of the game'!

New Search Engine and Shopping Cart

The new search engine and shopping cart are moving along nicely. We are testing internally about 38,000 items of the 125,000 items in our database. We will begin Beta testing with live customers very very soon!

Sales and More Sales

Don't forget about the ongoing online sales:

Big Hot Summer Sale  Our monthly with over 3,500 discounted items. Sale ends 06/17/18

Deal Of The Day featuring Woodland Scenics Items. Sale ends Monday 06/11/18 at 6am

WOW! What A Deal featuring all Peco Items. Sale ends Saturday 06/15/18 6am

Deal Of The Week featuring Kato  products. Sale ends 06/14/18 6am

Warehouse Sales. Great Deals from our suppliers warehouse. Sale ends Wednesday 06/03/18 6am

Weekly Sale. New Items added this week!

Upcoming Pre Order Deadlines

June 12: Atlas Preorders
June 22: Bluford Shops Preorders
June 29: Bowser Preorders
June 30: Intermountain Preorders
June 30: Trainworx Preorders
June 30: Walthers June Preorders

Changes Changes And More Changes

Grandt Line (ID 300-) has been as we have announced several months ago but the product line has been purchased by another company so look for their return sometime in the future. So thing hold true for Walthers Shinohara (ID 948-) but to date no one has purchased the rights to keep making the track. Time will tell. Walthers has just received a new batch of the track so it if need it get it purchased now as it will sell out quickly. Also, AIM (ID 110-) is now owned by Monroe Models (ID 495-). So most of the AIM product numbers translate to Monroe so just replace the 110- to 495-.

We have stopped updating the MTH-Railking images since we do not sell very much of there product since, to be honest, they are not creating a lot of items that are available for sale! It has been this way for a long long time.

There will be a price increase on Tomar and Woodland Scenics products starting July 1st so get your orders in ASAP!

Bowser is about 6 to 8 months behind on delivering on product. So please be patient.

Rumor has it that Midwest (ID-472) is having production issues. Let's hope that is not the case since they are the only ones that are producing cork roadbed at a great price. I will keep an eye on this and let you know. For now, we have a good stock of the cork in the retail store! 

New Bachmann HO Sound and DCC-Equipped 2-8-0s Now Shipping

Based on the burly workhorses used by railroads across the continent, the Bachmann 2-8-0 Consolidation with sound and DCC will be a favorite freight locomotive for many of you with HO railroads. This model features the SoundTraxx(R) Sound Value package that includes prototypical chuff, short and long whistles, bell, air pump, steam release and blower - all in 16- bit polyphonic sound. This 2-8-0 Consolidation features a  completely hidden drive train, detailed cab interior, numerous applied details, metal valve gear, crew figures, working
headlight and E-Z Mate(R) Mark II knuckle couplers. With good looks and solid performance it is an ideal engine to offer all your needs. Models are currently shipping, so order now!

Fast-Selling 1950s and 1960s HO Autos from Oxford Now Available

Oxford Diecast HO vehicles feature die cast metal bodies complete with window glazing, interior seats and realistic decoration. They're great for adding detail to your  steam and early diesel-era street scenes. New 1961 Chevy Impala Convertibles, 1950 Oldsmobile Rocket 88s and 1959 Pontiac Bonnevilles are in
stock - order before they hit the road!


Holiday Weekend!

As of today we are all caught up with shipments including all back orders that have been received at BRH.

So, with that said, I am feeling better and look forward to a cold free week next week. However, the shipping schedule will be off a bit next week due to Fedex Deliveries not occurring on Monday. This automatically will out me a day behind so please keep that in mind!

On The Retail Storefront

I had planned on getting the new items added to the shelves today but found myself with a very very busy day in the retail store for most of the day!  Which is a good thing! Please keep in mind that the return of the N Scale products is still in the works as I receive in the new product. New HO scale items are arriving as well with O scale being planned for a full restock in the fall.

New Search Engine And Shopping Cart

I think within the next two weeks BRH will start testing the new search engine and shopping cart which we hope to go live for everyone after July 4th! Earlier testing looks great so far! I will be asking our Track Crew members to help with the BETA Test ASAP.

Walthers 2019 HO, N and Z Reference Book

This will be available for pre-order starting on Tuesday.  MSRP is $17.98 but I will not know the BRH pre order advance reservation price until Tuesday!  Item number is 913-219P

Pre Orders Due Dates

May 31: Trainworx Preorders
May 31: Walthers Preorders
June 8: Bowser Preorders
June 12: Atlas Preorders





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