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Clarification On The New Back Order Policy

If a product is listed as a advance reservation at time of order that item will be ordered as such with a deposit as needed for non Track Crew Members.

If you order and "in stock" and you need 10 but only 5 where available in the past if you answered yes to the back order / advance reservation question we would automatically back order. Because we have had problems with customers not understanding the back order process causing cost related problems we  have decided to end that procedure after 17 years. In this example the 5 will not be back ordered and you would have to reorder in the future on another order.

Also, all in stock items will now be shipped. There are no holds to SHIP AS ONE as we have done for 17 years.

What's Wrong With People?!?!

Why are people mean, rude, disrespectful and unkind?

Recently I have had a very small amount of people contact BRH via email or by calling that have not been very pleasant people to try to help and deal with. As in these News and Updates I am very frank and direct so that there is no confusion. I put as much information on our website to explain the state of a products status and our policies. All people have to do is read a bit. And yes there is a lot of information that we have, but frankly, I am getting very very tired of one big question, "when is this going to available".

If it states that this item has "unknown availability date" it means just that. We do not know. Even if the manufacturer or wholesalers gives a date that does not mean the product will arrive on that date. It is not the fault of BRH. Please do not shoot the messenger. I alone pass along what information is shared by the manufacturer or wholesalers .

Just the other day a customer of BRH emailed and stated: "Not to name names but I have experienced ‘back order’ untruths from the company whose name begins with ‘A’ and is a synonym of the word for a book filled with maps."

Another friend works in doctors office and advised me that 80% of their customers do not listen or follow instructions.

Why do people seem to think they are 'owed' something?

So the real bugaboo is that people are down right rude when I point out the obvious information out to them. They think I am rude. I do not sugar coat the situation and some people just do not grasp the state of the hobby and get rude with me. I will explain things twice to someone, but on the third attempt of repeating myself I will be more forceful. If I lose a customer then so be it. They most likely will be a problem customer down the road.

So, read the information we supply and fill the personal information screens out correctly. Some of you are not doing that. It can cause problems down the road with shipping and order fulfillment.

Also the other day there was another attempt from some criminal to secure $1,400 worth of model trains fraudulently via our website. I stopped that attempt cold.

If the 1% of rude customer contacts continues to be a very time consuming issue I will have to reevaluate even trying to talk or email people back. Most rude customers and customers that do not understand how things work or seem to be just ignorant, will cost BRH in the long run.  There may be only one solution and I hope it does not come to that.

Thanks for letting me rant a bit.

Frank Ruby
Owner / Blue Ridge Hobbies.




Fedex Inbound Delivery Update

As of this time there are 4 boxes still not received from 02/23 update.
Out of the 4 there are 2 groups of two large boxes. Out of each group only one each is scheduled to arrive Wednesday 02/24. This does not help us. With only one box from each group coming in we mostly will not be able to fill orders from those groups until all boxes arrive.

Here are the Fedex.com tracking numbers so you can see for yourself:


Also, the 6am Monday to 6am Tuesday orders did not ship form the Milwaukee warehouse. They are expected to ship today. The Easton warehouse picked and shipped the order on Tuesday and it is scheduled to arrive on Thursday as of this update.


Fedex Inbound Delivery Update

As of this update BRH has not received inbound deliveries for the last 3 days from Fedex. Orders placed before 6am on 02/18 and 02/19 are somewhere within the Fedex shipping system currently listed as Pending Arrival with no further information. We know the shipments left the Milwaukee /  Chicago area but we have no further information at this time.

Also, orders place from 6am Friday 02/19 until 6am Monday 02/22 did not leave the Milwaukee Warehouse on Monday but should leave today. Orders from 6am 02/22 until 6am today are being picked for potential shipment today.

The Easton Warehouse is about a day behind with no delays in shipping once it is received by Fedex. Orders are arriving with 3 days at this point. We are moving as much product to fill orders from the Easton Warehouse as needed.

Orders via UPS inbound from Canada are not experiencing any delays from what can tell.

So, again, we are sorry for the delays but they are beyond our control.


Weather Related Delays

BRH has been doing its very best to get your orders shipped out to you as quickly as possible when we are awaiting items from the warehouses  and manufacturers to fulfill your orders. However, this past week has been a big challenge with all of the weather related issues in the midwest on top of the unfortunate delays due to higher than normal shipping volumes since this time last year, BRH is now 3 days behind.

It is not that the product is not on its way to us, it is just taking an extended times. The Wednesday delivery did not occur until Saturday for example.

More information below.

Internet Outage Again

Last Tuesday evening at the BRH office we lost our internet connectivity when a repairman was working on the line outside of the office. The cable company was not called by BRH or our neighbor. The repairman stated there was an issue with the line.  We where not having an issues until the he arrived. He was there for about 30 minutes and then left and did not advise whether he completed his task. All we knew as that the internet was down. So we had to call the cable company to that repair person back to turn the service back on. One line representative and two supervisors later we got a different repairman to restore the service. That process took 3 hours and should have not occurred to begin with. We last 4 hours of productive work that evening.

Retail Store Remodel

BRH is planning on remodeling the retail store to help more reflect the current state of the model railroading hobby and to more reflect how BRH currently is operating the retail store.

So, we will be selling off ALL of the current retail store in stock inventory to make room for more new stuff and to reorganize the front of the store to work better for the current working situation due to Covid and the very high volume of internet orders. The retail store has been at the same location for over 10 years now and it is time for a change.

We will announce the date of the sale 2 weeks prior.

Another Icon Closes! Well sort of.

I just found out recently that Caboose in Lakewood, Colorado closed. So yet another large model train related hobby store bites the dust! But really the forerunner for Caboose was the iconic 18,000sf Caboose Hobbies, a store I frequented for over 15 years when I lived in the Denver Area. My understanding from talking with current BRH customers that live in the area, they stated that the owners really never had a good grasp on operating the Lakewood store at the level that Caboose Hobbies Broadway store operated from what I remember when I lived in the Denver area.

Blue Ridge Hobbies was originally modeled after Caboose Hobbies growing within 2 years into a 5,000sf store with an every increasing customer base and sales, both online and in the retail store. Unfortunately the economy tanked and model railroad items where hard to find to stock the store. The situation has not changed much since then. Now BRH is mostly an online store which is what I understand the new owners of Caboose had issues with. They also could not find enough product to sell and started selling used items. Much like the old Mizell Hobbies just off the Boulder Turnpike who also closed.

BRH only sells new items and we do  not purchase old / used products and reduced the size of our retail store.

We are sorry to see the hobby continue to shrink for many reasons, but to see another large store fall by the wayside is a shame.

Policy Changes

Due to recent issues with back orders and our ship as one order policy and the abuse by a very very small percentage of customers that can not seem to figure out how the policies work, these polices will change effective immediately.

SHIP AS ONE ORDER: As of 02/21/21 will we no longer offer SHIP AS ONE ORDER. Customers with on current SHIP AS ONE parameters will be 'grand fathered' in. Orders going forward will no longer be allowed this option. All items with in an order will ship immediately. No more holding orders. Back orders will no longer be allowed (see below). Advance reservations will still be allowed (see below).

The reason for this change is that, despite written and verbal communication with customer, some do not understand how this policy works. With some cusotmers not understanding that we hold merchandise in hand until all of the order is received for shipping, per their request, and we charge for the merchandise on hold of shipping. These customers seem not to understand that sometimes it take a long time to complete an order based on current manufacturing processes due to Covid. Thus, without contacting Blue Ridge Hobbies, they do a credit card charge back when they simply could have called BRH to have the order cancelled under the order cancellation policy.

When doing this  the customer does get their money back via the unwarranted charge backs since BRH was only following their instructions. This costs BRH money on two fronts. One - the credit card processing company  charge $25.00 for each charge back regardless of the situation plus BRH gets stuck with the merchandise that customer does not want to pay for thus BRH has to return it to the wholesaler or manufacturer. Two - the cost to send it back usually involves a 20% restock fee from the wholesaler or manufacturer plus the cost to ship the item back to them!

With BRH pricing being as low as they are we can not longer take the chance any longer with impatient and frankly rude customers.

The reason for the change is that the less than 1% percent of people ruin it for the 99.9% that are honest and follow the rules.

BACK ORDERS / ADVANCE RESERVATIONS: Due to the seemingly long wait times for items that are back ordered due to manufacturing and Covid issues, BRH will no longer be allowing back orders effective 02/21/21.

So if you order 3 and only 1 was available, in the past if you answered the Back Order / Advance Reservation question on the personal information screen at check out YES, the item(s) would have been back ordered.  Due to sometimes long wait times for product and customers not keeping there credit card information up to date and not understanding how back orders work, we will no longer be allowing back orders.

For new items announced by manufacturers and for new items only, BRH will still accept advanced reservations as these advance reservations are sometimes the only way to get the product. There still will be a deposit charged for all advance reservations accept for Track Crew Members.

So if the item(s) are out of stock or we are sending you less quantity then you ordered, you will have to place a new order for that item(s). BRH does not control the inventories of the manufacturers and wholesalers or the manufacturing capacity of the manufacturers this creating the need to change the policy.
In the past BRH has done its very best to offer the best prices and customer service. However people seem to think that the rules and policies that BRH has developed over the years do not apply to them. When these people continually cost BRH money we have to respond thus the changes to these policies.

Every policy that BRH has has been developed is due to the abuse of the less then 1% of people. We update these policies when the abuses warrant the change.

Atlas Back Order / Advance Reservation

So you think you have been waiting a long time for a back order / advance reservation?

Well this week we received some HO scale GP38-2 from Atlas that where ordered by customers in July 2016. That is a four and a half year wait which is entirely too long! Something needs to be done about the delays in getting product made. This length of time to wait is not appropriate in any industry.

Please keep  in mind whether it is a short wait or a long wait, you will need to keep your credit card up to date or you run the risk of your order canceling since your credit card has expired. 

Upcoming Order Deadlines

Attention! Orders due this week - don't miss out!
February 25: Broadway Limited Preorders

Order deadlines approaching soon:
February 28: Trainworx Preorders
February 28: Walthers Winter Buy Orders
March 15: Rapido Preorders
March 15: Trainworx Preorders
March 31: Bluford Shops Preorders

New Atlas/Trainman/AtlasO HO and O Arrivals

Plenty of in-demand new products have arrived from Atlas. In HO Scale, Atlas 89' Flatcars, Berwick 50' Boxcars and intermodal
containers, as well as Trainman EMD GP38-2s are now shipping. In O Scale, new AtlasO 40' Wood Reefers are rolling into stores now.
All of these models have proven popular and most road names and road numbers are sold out, but we still have limited
quantities on hand. Order now for best selection.







Broadway Limited Announces More Popular N Scale Sound Stock Cars

Broadway Limited is offering more road numbers and schemes on its wildly popular PRR K7 Stock Cars with animal sounds. Based on
cars used to haul all kinds of livestock these sound-equipped cars feature an on-board circuit and speaker that's motion-activated to generate cattle or hog sounds. Sounds operate on any DC or DCC layout. In addition, Broadway Limited is also offering non-sound-equipped stock car two packs in matching schemes. These cars are very popular with N Scale modelers and typically sell out quickly, so order now!


New Preiser HO Figures Include North American Police Sets

The latest HO figure sets to arrive from Preiser include three different North American police sets. Each set includes six uniformed officers that will look perfect in diesel-era scenes from the 1960s to the present. These sets are in addition to over a dozen new sets now in-stock and selling fast.
Order now for best selection!


Exciting New HO and N Scale Announcements from Rapido Trains

HO Scale modelers of Canadian iron ore operations will love the new NSC Barrel Ore Hoppers. These unique cars feature cylindrical
bodies with sliding covers that shielded the processed ore during transit south to the steel mills at Hamilton, Ontario, during
harsh Canadian winters. These highly detailed models will be available in both long and short versions as six-packs and
individually. They ran in entire trains, so order enough to meet demand. In N Scale, the 1959-1986 GM New Look-Fishbowl Bus is
expected to be as popular as the HO version. This detailed, newly tooled model features interior seats, real rubber tires, accurate
decoration and working headlights/tail lights. Now is your chance to start taking customer preorders for these HO and N models.



Weather Delays

Snow is expected overnight in the Milwaukee and Chicago. Today's large amount of orders may not depart the Milwaukee warehouse. Today's Easton warehouse order should leave Tuesday.

Fedex Weather Alert!
Winter Storms

February 14, 2021 5pm

Winter storms are causing hazardous conditions across the U.S. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our team members, as well as providing the highest level of service to our customers. Although contingency plans are in place, some service delays and disruptions can be anticipated for inbound and outbound shipments across the U.S. FedEx is committed to providing service to the best of our ability in areas that can be safely accessed. 


Happy Valentines Day

BRH will be closed tomorrow for Presidents Day since there are no deliveries scheduled and the USPS will be closed as well.

Fedex Weather Alert!

 February 11, 2021

FedEx Express experienced substantial disruptions at the Memphis hub last night due to winter weather conditions. Potential delays are possible for package deliveries across the U.S. with a delivery commitment of February 11, 2021. FedEx is committed to provide service to the best of our ability.

Operational impacts to other FedEx operating companies may vary due to local weather conditions. Winter Storms:  February 11, 2021

FedEx Express experienced substantial disruptions at the Memphis hub last night due to winter weather conditions. Potential delays are possible for package deliveries across the U.S. with a delivery commitment of February 11, 2021. FedEx is committed to provide service to the best of our ability.

Our Competition Is Way Behind!

Recently one of our on line competitors announced that they where finally adding three new brands. They are Noch, San Juan Details formally Grandt Line (part of San Jaun Car Company and Northeastern Scale Lumber.

They are 17 years behind the curve. BRH has offered these brands for the last 17 years and at a better price then our competitor!

New Advance Reservation and Back Order Arrivals

New product is coming in from Bowser, Rapido, Prieser, Noch, Altas and Classic Metal Works to name a few. We are working diligently to process the new arrivals and get them out to you ASAP.

Announcement From  Tichy Train Group

We have several announcements concerning our products.

First we have eliminated our old 9000 series decal numbers, all of these decals are available in the 10000 series numbers we are using now.

Old to New Decal list

Our new Decal Catalog containing all 450 of our decals in full color is now available. The link is below or you can reply to this email to request a copy. Remember to give us a mailing address. All of our other catalogs are available under the catalog tab on the home page of the website.
Decal Catalog

We have just run 200 sets of the main body panels, base and accessory buildings for our coaling tower kit #7010. Due to the very significant cost of assembling these molds and running them, we are forced to increase the MSRP of this kit to $170 effective March 1st. This is the first price change on this kit since 1993 when we introduced it. If you ever wanted to get one, now is the time to buy it. For those of you unfamiliar with this kit the BRH part number is 293-7010 CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Finally, we will be increasing the MSRP of all NBW and rivet packs from $3.00 to $3.50 effective March 1st due to the cost of labor and processing on these parts. Again, we have never changed the pricing on these items since the first ones were introduced over 20 years ago. We will be re-evaluating many of our prices over the next several months as we are seeing significant price increases in many of our raw materials, the worst one being a 50% increase in the cost of our kit boxes as well as a doubling of the lead time.

We continue to have significant delays and other problems with the post office.

Don Tichy


BRH will be updating the images and pricing as they are updated by the wholesalers and Tichy.

More Price Increases Coming?

This is the season for price increases. We have already heard from Tichy Train Group, Woodland Scenics and Kadee. Each year in April more announce as well. We are expecting price increase from Atlas as well next month. We are also hearing about shortages of key components to make products as well.

So best to order what you think you may need so you have what you need when you need the product!

Upcoming Order Deadlines

Attention! Orders due this week - don't miss out!
February 15: Rapido Preorders
February 17: Atlas/AtlasO/Trainman Preorders

Order deadlines approaching soon:
February 28: Trainworx Preorders
February 28: Walthers Winter Buy Orders
March 15: Rapido Preorders
March 15: Trainworx Preorders

SceneMaster HO and N Scale Metal Industrial Fence Now Shipping

New SceneMaster HO and N Scale Metal Industrial Fence kits are perfect for securing structures of any kind, as well as animal
pens, storage yards and more. The kits include appropriate metal mesh fence material and molded fence posts to create fencing
similar to widely used chain-link fencing. Multiple kits are easily combined for large areas.  Metal Industrial Fence kits are in-stock now
and selling fast, so order now.


Faller Makes Nuremberg New Product Announcements

Even though the 2021 International Toy Fair in Nuremberg has been cancelled, Faller has announced its new products flyer with
plenty of exciting products. Notable new models include the new HO Scale Brick Freight House - Goods Shed which will make a great
addition to any North American freight house or yard scene. In addition, several other new Faller HO and N kits will have great
appeal to North American modelers, so make sure to check them out. Other new products include new HO and N and LED streetlights
that are perfect for lighting up North American layout scenes. We're taking preorders for all of these new models now - don't
miss out on these all-new sales builders.







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