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Enjoy Year-Round Savings as a
Blue Ridge Hobbies
Track Crew Member!

Get all these benefits starting as
low as only $21.95 for long time customers
and $35.95 for newer customers
  • No Minimum Order Amount****
  • Additional 2% Savings* off our already low, prices on all in stock items#
  • No Deposit Required On Advance Reservations**
  • Backorders Allowed for orders not currently in stock
  • FREE 2019 Walthers ALL SCALE (HO, N and Z) Reference Book
    ($17.98 value!)***
  • FREE Manufacturer Flyers And Brochures sent with your orders
  • FREE Shipping Insurance on all USPS orders
  • 1.5% Savings on USPS shipped orders
  • Sneak peek emails - the latest new product news & advance reservations
  • Walthers Monthly Sale Flyer Available Online By The 20th Of Each Month
  • Membership is valid one year from your date of signup or renewal+++++

It's easy to join or renew!
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All these benefits
for one low price!

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Manufacturer Item Description Size MSRP BRH Price Image Order Expected Availability
No records returned. If you can not locate the information you need just email us at contactus@blueridgehobbies.com
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* Additional 2% Savings Discount Will Be Calculated At Checkout Or At Checkout And Shipping

** See The Store Policy Page For More Information

*** Reference Guides Are Sent With Next Available Order  Shipment. Request Can Be
Made Via Phone Call During Our Normal Business Hours or Email To Request Separate Shipment Of
The Reference Book For An Additional Shipping and Handling Fee. If no order is in place at time of
Reference Book Arrival, we will email you and give you a reminder about the shipment.
Reference Books Are Usually  Expected in Late September Early October

**** Minimum Order Fee Of $25.00 Is Waived. Minimum Order Quantities Still Apply.

# Orders Prior To Joining The Track Crew Do Not Qualify For Member Benefits.
Track Club Member Number Must Be Given At The Time Of The Order.

+++++All new memberships 01/01/17 will automatically renew on the anniversary date at that years level and cost.

If you can not locate the information you need just email us at contactus@blueridgehobbies.com

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