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Our Customer Opinions*

some of our customer and website visitor opinions:

5 Star Google Review:

ve ordered and pre-ordered several items from Blue Ridge and the service has been spot on every time. Make sure you read their policies page and you won't have any trouble. Keep it up guys!
I Kinney

5 Star Google Review:
I've placed 14 orders through Blue Ridge Hobbies over the past six months. Overall, I've been very pleased with their service. When I am dissatisfied, it's the result of the current business climate where product is scarce and in high demand, not because of any fault with Blue Ridge Hobbies. I find their prices better than anyone else's on just about everything I've ever checked. When I order from someone else, and I do, frequently, it's only because someone else had product in hand that BRH can't get when I want it.

I have one recommendation for customers considering doing business with Blue Ridge Hobbies and that is that people should pay attention.

A Dendy

Your service lets me enjoy being a customer
Comment Box On Order
V Quinby

Another shout out to you for your great service!
Comment Box On Order
C. Smith

I wanted to say thank you. You do a great job and I couldn't be happier with BRH. I always find what I need and in my opinion you ship it pretty fast.
Comment Box On Order
J. McMullen

4 Star Review:

Great selection and excellent customer service. Emails are answered promptly and orders are fulfilled quickly.

Google Review
J Lilly

Your customer service is appreciated by me. And I do enjoy the "News and Updates" emails you send. They remind me to be a better customer.
Comment Box On Order
V Quinby

I love your posts that are candid and clear. The hobby is wonderful but very difficult for all providers. I like that you gave a specific example of how putting in the wrong company can do real damage.

I have always appreciated your services and products and will not hesitate to order from you again when I need a product.
Email To Us
D. Danielson

Thanks so much for your business services, your creative ideas and your 100% follow through.

Wishing you and Blue Ridge Hobby the very best in the future.

Hello Mr. Ruby, last time I placed an order for N scale trains, you were kind enough to check with me (excellent customer service!) since I usually order HO scale.
Comment Box On Order
R. Sarmiento

Good information , nice job .  I've always had good service BRH!!!!
A returning customer
R. Hamilton

Your selection of items is great, your ordering process was easy to use.
Comment Box On Order
J Fransen

I ordered some track and switches a while ago, and I picked them up in the store. I appreciate the way you keep us updated on what is going on with shipping and everything, and unfortunately you are correct in that people are quick to condemn and slow to praise. Receive my thanks and yes I will ordering more from you in the future. Thanks again!
Email To Us
K. Mann

Thank you for your service, there are not many stores anymore where one can get "nearly everything" the model railroad enthusiast needs ! I really appreciate it to be able to get so many different items from ONE SINGLE STORE (especially as shipping to Europe is expensive and i/we also have to pay customs and tax for the whole amount (incl. shipping and handling). But still cheaper to buy it here in Europe (needless to say ... most ist not even available ...).
Email T Us
C. Kuzmany

Thank You so much for taking such good care of me. I really appreciate doing business with you. We don't get to much interaction with the Hobby Shops any more because everything is done online and it's become so impersonal but you really put out an effort to change that. So Thank You from a First Time Customer I will definitely  be looking to you for more Train Stuff.
Email To Us
Richie Simpson

I appreciate the fact you care very mush about this great hobby.
Email To Us
Eric Erickson

First thing I want to say is you’re doing a great job.  Your emails are very informative.
They tell me what’s going on in the hobby.  I get them by way of another email
I have.   

Now for the good stuff. 

I’ve been a long-time customer at Trainland-Trainworld.  I know just about everybody
at both stores and over many years I’ve bought a lot of stuff.  I want to tell
you I’m sick of the attitude those Bianco’s have.  They’re so arrogant, it’s
disgusting to hear them talk to and about customers like they were dirt.  Every time
I go to the Brooklyn store, I can hear one of them arguing over the phone with some
person who’s paid them good money and isn’t satisfied.  All they want is your
money and not the problems associated with defective products they sell.  I’m on
their email list so I get those sale day codes, but how stupid is this policy?  You
go to Lynbrook and you know there’s a sale code, but the guy next to you doesn’t
have it.  To me, that’s a bad business policy.  I happen to know the salesmen aren’t
allowed to tell you about these sale codes.  You know what?  If I get a chance to
talk to someone in the store, I make sure to tell him about these sale codes!  People
who learn this just shake their heads at the stupidity of this.  Then I tell them
where else they can buy these products, because Trainland ain’t got the best prices
no more!  He’s just announced a BIG SALE DAY this Saturday.  I think I’ll pass
up this golden opportunity.

It’s great to be able to buy things at prices that now beat Trainland’s prices.
He helped drive many a store in this area out of business with his cut-throat business
practices, and now he’s getting a taste of his own medicine.

Please feel free to print this email.  Maybe I’ll send you more!

email from unknown person with email starting with

Thanks for the update and insight.  Very helpful.  I have been a HO modeler since 1955.  Yes really.
I have most of what I need, but there are details, and new products that replace
old one with higher quality.

I recently discovered your site and ordered some detail pars, which you had.  Fabulous!
I will continue to follow you site.  Surely I will need something and finding parts
at discount prices is rare these days.

I live in rural Arizona about 120 miles from the nearest hobby shop (in Phoenix).

Keep up the good work and GOOD LUCK.  I am sure there are legions that depend on you.

There are almost a hundred members in the local (Prescott) model RR club and I will
promote your “store” to them.

Email To Us
Donn Pease
Paulden, Aizona

Many thanks to you for providing
a great service to us model railroaders!
Email To Us
Eric Erickson

Thanks so much for the personal phone call informing me that my order would be  delayed a bit due to problems with your supplier and FedEx. The eMails I had received had informed me of such, but your phone call was a reassuring  touch. Prior to my retirement I worked in a 'customer facing' role and was often  the bearer of bad news. I can't express enough how much your personal touch matters. Order received and my work-in-progress backlog has increased!  I started with this hobby in 1958 and have come to accept that most things are a journey.
Email To Us
Cliff Smith

I've been dealing with on-line model railroad "stores" for over ten (10) years - some good, some not. 1st Place Hobby was my favorite, but it went out of business. At that point I discovered Blue Ridge. I've been very pleased with the prompt service and the prices. I have placed quite a few orders over the past several years with BRH; and Frank has always called when there was any question. Normally I don't devote time to review motels, retailers, etc, however I feel that the negative drama in an earlier review may have been a bit overstated. This is only my personal opinion, but I shall continue to order from Blue Ridge.
5 Star Google Review
Tony The Title Guy

The business is not really run as a full retail location, but we went in during its very limited retail hours to purchase a Lionel train set around Christmas time. The set was competitively priced against even online retailers. The owner was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about his products.
4 Star Google Review
David Langenhan

Ordered from their online store. beautiful web pages. a little difficult finding the search page. had items delivered to store. owner explained how the website worked. was knowledgeable and very helpful with all my HO Scale needs.
4 Star Google Review
Richard Eaton

I received my order today (needed to pickup and sign package at USPS). Thanks. Only
recently discovered your website as have ordered from Trainworld and ModelTrainStuff.
We spoke on the phone recently. You're on my list; expect another order soon.
 B Magliocco

You are now my supplier of choice for all my model train needs.  Glad I found you!
J. Lochamy

Thanks for the great service and great prices.   While others are fumbling
around on what to do, you get it done with a great attitude.  It's a
pleasure shopping with your store.
A. Hirschfield

You guys by far have the best customer service.
J. Carl
To start off I really am blown away with your prices and service. It is just awesome!!!!
Gregg O.

I visited your shop a month ago on a visit to Greenville. I really enjoyed the visit.
You have a great place. In the future I'll send my Walthers orders to you!

R. Gibson

LOVE ORDERING FROM YOU (when I have the $$$)
N. Wolf

There's no need to apologize for the minor delays of the past couple of months. I've heard a lot of discussion--online mostly--be
moaning the decline of the traditional, local, "brick-and-mortar" model train store. While many seem
content to settle into hand-wringing and inaction in response to this trend, I applaud you for having
 the vision and courage to actually do something about it and transition to a 21st century,
 internet-based business model. Also, if you continue to sell Peco
switches at such low prices, you could pretty much send me monthly emails insulting my
 family and I would still buy from you. Best of luck as you move forward with your business.
B. Jagnow

My favorite has got to be BlueRidgeHobbies.com. Great website, you always get the owner on the phone, reasonable/fast shipping, they can get what you want usually.
J Tudor

I started a thread awhile back about good internet hobby shops. My favorite has got to be BlueRidgeHobbies.com. Great website, you always get the owner on the phone, reasonable/fast shipping, they can get what you want usually. Blue Ridge Hobbies has excellent customer service. The website is extensive, up to date, and has excellent search functions. If you call, you almost always talk to Frank, who I believe is the owner.

One thing Frank cautioned me about--esp if you come by their store in person--their shop is small and most of their inventory is held at distributors. If you give them a few days notice, they can bring in something you may be interested in purchasing.

Also, they have very fair rates on shipping. very reasonable.

Yesterday I ordered my O gage Williams F3's from Blue Ridge. Way cheaper than getting them locally, no one locally has them in stock anyway. Talked to them first on the phone to get an idea on shipping to my area. The person I talked to was friendly and helpful. I get the feeling they have a pretty good customer svc. dept.
Paul O.

I, like many other modelers, usually look for the best price when buying models and supplies.  But I am always conflicted, desiring to support local hobby shops as well.  Recently, while in Greenville, SC, I visited Blue Ridge Hobbies, and picked up a few items, very reasonably priced.  While there, I noticed an Atlas HH600 in Jersey Central livery.  Last weekend, I returned (visiting one of my sons) and asked to see the engine run.  One of the owners obliged, stopping what he was doing, to operate the engine on their well-detailed layout.  He was very patient in answering my questions about the engine and about another engine I have been having issues with.  He was very knowledgeable.  Best of all, the price was excellent, far below the suggested retail price.  So, I want to commend this hobby shop and its workers--polite, accommodating, and helpful.  The shop is in a good location, is clean, and well-stocked.  Overall, a great experience!   By the way, the HH600 is sweet!  The only issue is those blasted chains!  What a task to apply them!   I am half-done with them and decided to take a break!
John in NC

I have also bought from them from the internet site. They are great to do business with. Quick service and great prices.

Blue Ridge Hobbies is the only 'real' model train hobby store in my area. Everytime I visit Greenville, I make a point to stop and give the shelves a once or twice over. Special orders were quick and prices are reasonable. I remember their previous store across the street from where they are now. What an improvement with the larger space.

Highly recommended to visit.

Thanks for the great service. I will be placing an order for a couple more
engines (NYC Es) and other stuff in the next week.
George E.

Thank you for getting back to me about the tracking number but my order
arrived today and everything is fine. Blue Ridge Hobbies sure know how to
pack a box for efficient shipping. Much obliged.
Marie B. (Australia)

I ordered from Blue Ridge Hobbies in July 2008. They shipped promptly and when there was a
 problem with the order they said to return the item and they credited for the cost of the item
 plus postage. The gentleman I spoke to on the phone was helpful and eager to correct any problems.
I would give them a top rating.
From: Model-railroad-hobbyist.com
Submitted by rail.bird on Wed, 11/19/2008 - 14:29

Thank you so much for all your help yesterday.  You answered or confirmed (almost) all my questions,
or at least the ones I could remember to ask, and I really appreciate the time you spent with me. 
 It’s great to know that there are guys like you (Jon) and Frank around !

Andrew W.

am very satisfied!
Per V. (Denmark)

You guys are AWESOME!!!  Always the best prices and the best service.  I'm a repeat customer and cannot imagine not checking BRH first when considering a purchase for my pike.  Just received the Atlas B23-7 Engine and couldn't be happier.  Will be back again and again and again and AGAIN!!!
Mike M.

I just ordered from you guys last week and order arrived
in great shape Fri. as you can see I'm a satisfied customer otherwise I wouldn't be
back. You're prices are awesome!! Even e-Bay can't touch the price on this 2-8-4
Ron N.

I would like to compliment you and your web site, it is by far the best I Have ever
visited and the easiest to navigate. Keep the good work!
Melvin P.

Just wanted to say thank you for such quick and professional service.
My order arrived, everything was perfect. I will be ordering again!
Walt G.

These prices are amazing. I wish I would have found you a long time ago.
Shawn C.

Keep up the great work. Your selection, prices and service are great. Thanks.
Gary B.

Frank: Thanks for the truly outstanding service. I started with HO model railroading in 1950, and never have I had a more pleasant buying experience. The package arrived less than 24-hours after we talked, nothing missing or damaged. Your knowledge of the materials I needed helped me make the sound decision necessary to ensuring the completion of an area that for eleven years has been nor more than a dream. Hands-on knowledge, willingness to take time to discuss my interest, good advice, great prices, quick service all have made me a new customer. If all retailers did business the way you do, this country would not be in an economic crisis. And, we'd all be able to make new friends as I feel I was able to do.
Thank you.
Joe G.

I have a pretty long list & BRH prices beat RRTrains.com for most of the items that was looking at.  I've only ordered from them once, so I can't really comment on their customer service.  I've been in their store and they seemed friendly enough.
SeadooChooChoo From Trains.com forum posting

My order arrived while I was away on vacation, everything was fine. Thank you for the GREAT service.

walt G

Really pleased with my first order from you guys. I'm interested in placing another order soon.
Kenny L.

My parcel arrived safely today. It was packed very well and very methodically!
I look forward to doing business in the future.
Mark D.

Thank you for your wonderful prices on many, many items!
Everette B.

First I want to say that I am very impressed with your service.  My order arrived very quickly, unlike some other internet train stores.  You have won yourself a new customer.  I will be making another purchase (probably this weekend).
David E.

I  just wanted to say that your prices are the best I have ever seen!!  I went on Dallasmodelworks.com when they said they had a  discount sale and here was really no discount they just charged more for shipping!*
Matthew P.
*PLEASE NOTE: On 04/30/09 we had received a call from the owner of Dallas Model Works advising us that the opinion of Matthew is incorrect and that Matthew did not understand their policies and charges. The opinion above is that of Matthew and not that of Blue Ridge Hobbies

Great Price, Great Service - only wish you had a branch closer to
me! Keep up the good work, Frank, it's a pleasure doing business with you.
Gary B.

Great Prices. Again!
Mark H.

You (Blue Ridge Hobbies®) are the Walmart® of
Model Railroad Discounters
Joseph V.

I'm with the Ramapo Valley RR club in New Jersey. 
The club members love you guys
Rene M.

You have a very nice site. I look forward to doing more business with you.
Brandon P.

Thanks for the order that I put in. I received the supplies on
Friday morning. Many thanks for the patience of acquiring
the items and great service by yourselves. I will deal with you again.
Hayden U (New Zealand)

Shipment received in good order. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at the time frame. Thank you.  Look forward to doing more (with Blue Ridge Hobbies).
Kelly B.

I was very pleased with my first web purchase I made from you. Everything arrived quickly. I talked with the owner of the store about the web site and the "difficulty" I was having with it. He (I believe it was Frank?) was very helpful and I can find items with the help of my Walthers catalog item number. I've already placed another order through your website.
I'm always telling people about great places to shop on the web, and rest assured, your site will always be highly recommended by me.
I wish I lived closer to Greenville just so I could come up there and shop in person. I live in Waynesboro Georgia which is very close to Augusta Georgia. There isn't a decent model railroad shop in the whole area!
Keep up the great work!!
Rick P

You .....come out well ahead of other hobby stores with regards to customer servicing! You are to be commended!
Johannes S (New Zealand)

Thank you for the fine service! I will order from you more often!
Gary B

Great service!
Wendy M.

I had .... visited your store and was impressed with your operation....
Tim B

Thank you for the very prompt service.

Paul B.

I've ordered from Blue Ridge Hobbies® before with great satisfaction!!
 Great Website with unbeatable prices!!!
Stephen B.

Love your service to date and great prices
Ken F.

I can tell you from my personal experience that this is a very pleasant
hobby shop to visit and deal with.  There is a limited stock for G scale,
but they can and will order anything that
Walthers handles at good prices.
You can go to their well-organized web site .... and look at all the prices.
You can order on line for shipment directly to you or you can pick up web
orders from the store to avoid shipping costs.  For example, there are 42 pages of
Aristo Craft items and 47 pages of USA Trains items on their web site.
Mike J.

..... they are reputable folks (that) offer more products at even better prices. The World's Greatest Hobby needs shops like Blue Ridge who are customer oriented and have good prices and experienced support.
Dave C.

Pleased with servicing, promptness and receipt in good condition for
order to Australia. In view of the good service, I am looking forward to ordering from you in the new year.
Neil G. (Australia)

It was a pleasure to talk to you on the phone and your prompt attention to my order especially at this time of year (December 2007)is amazing.
Jeff N.

(I am) Impressed by your website
Bob W (Australia)

Wanted to say thanks for following up and sending along my backordered decals from my order about 6 weeks ago.  Some other places tend to forget about backordered items and then overcharge to ship them.  You waived the
 handling fee (thanks!) and shipped at cost for a small item
that wasn't available in my original order.

I really appreciate that and you can look forward to business from me.

Good luck opening your retail store.  There aren't too many left in my area (Connecticut) and only a good entrepreneur with good customer service can succeed.  From my experience, you will be very successful.
 Andy B.

.....I like doing business with Blue Ridge Hobbies® and I will be back for more stuff.
James McR.

Loved the prompt service and once again thanks... you are the best!
Brandon R.

I sure do enjoy doing business with you guys.
Larry S.

I order quite a bit from Blue Ridge Hobbies®, whom I have found to have the best prices,
even better than Trainworld (albeit a buck or two less). 
Nice people to deal with too, usually are on top of things.
Trains.com Forum member

....they are straightforward, knowledgeable, and honest...
he had all the right facts and knew his inventory.

I received my GS4 and it is everything I expected. Excellent packing.
I hope to do more business with you.

Here in Montgomery, we don't have a Model Railroad Store,
so it's great to find a dependable retailer that I can rely on......
I will definitely be using you  as my main supplier.

I found your site on the internet and am impressed with
 the range of stock you carry

I just found your website, it is wonderful!

You are great to deal with.

With the holiday and the day of mourning ....and considering the
extra-long weekend that was very good turn around time.

I received the order and wish to express my thanks and satisfaction for prompt shipment
and receipt of the items in excellent condition.

You have solidified me as a repeat customer (nearest HS is 140 miles away
 and sells at list). I will make sure the club members are aware of your
enterprise and the good pricing and service offered.

I enjoy doing business with you!

Nice doing business with you again....Keep up the great job!

I know who will be my store from here out!

.... I will be buying from you in the future because you are one of the few stores that answers emails promptly.

Thank you for all of your help with the tower crane information. 
 Good customer service is rare these days and I truly
appreciate your fast response to my questions! 

I appreciate the high level of responsiveness and customer service I have
experienced from Blue Ridge Hobbies® to date, and love the low prices
and broad selection.  I intend to be a frequent customer.


I'm glad you're in business. We don't have a
decent model railroad shop in this area.

I have seen your advertisement in Model Railroader for November, and saw that your company promised the lowest prices. I have been looking at your website and must admit that yes, you have the lowest prices...
anywhere, either online or in shops.

Prices look good and based on the results of this, my first order...
you will hear again from me. Thanks.

Thanks for the great customer service

I am a satisfied customer and look forward to ordering from you again.

It is just getting more difficult to find trustworthy, service oriented
shops, whether online or regular stores and you are a rising star. Thanks

I’m happy. Super fast service and everything I ordered.

....we'll be doing business for some time to come....

....thanks for all your help. Looking forward to receiving....(the) model kits for my husband, Robert. He loves this site!! (its on our favorite list!) -----

...(the) web site (is) very clean and user friendly -----
 Jamie Rinehart (Model Railroader Magazine)


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